Hey there!  Progress has been chugging along on Sea Dogs.  Right now we are working on the artwork for the game and playtesting.  We are also refining the rules as the art gets done.

The rule book is very important to us.  We want it to be intuitive and easy to pick up how to play the game even if you just glance at the rule book.  Nothing slows down game night more than trying to decipher a text heavy rule book.

Several people have asked when the game will be launched on Kickstarter, and the best I can say is when it’s most of the way done.  We have been backers on Kickstarter projects that took more than a year and a half to get in our mitts and we don’t want to do that to our backers when the Kickstarter does happen.

Dave will be at Protospiel Milwaukee in a few weeks with Sea Dogs and a brand spanking new prototype for you to playtest.  Swing by on Saturday, March 22, 2014 and say hi.